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Advantage Six Ltd offer design, manufacture and support services for OEM customers.

Products may be procured on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, and this enables us to offer flexible terms.

Examples of our products are:

The A9 range

The A9 range builds on the A75 (below) for applications where the additional processing power of an ARM9 over an ARM7 is needed.

OEM customers may specify their choice of options from a standard list, or contact us to explore their needs.

The A9 runs RISC OS Adjust32 from RISC OS Ltd or Linux.

The latest addition to the A9 range is the A9home which was seen in public for the first time at the Wakefield 2005 show.

Read more about the A9 and see some base configurations here...

The A6

A windows XP based PC specified for efficient emulation of RISC OS using the Virtual RiscPC emulator.

This product is available to retail customers via Stuart Tyrrell Developments, or as a RISC OS development environment direct from ourselves.

Read more about the A6 here...

The A75

The A75 is a slimline but rugged ARM based computer designed to be used in an industrial environment.

Encased in bright orange stainless steel, it is built to withstand the knocks of even the roughest environment. Spindle-free options and zero-cooling requirements ensure it is suitable for the quietest environments.

Read more about the A75 here...

The A5

The A5 is a tablet based computer running Windows XP and RISC OS using the Virtual RiscPC emulator, produced as a proof of concept/technology demonstrator/development platform for a customer.

Read More about the A5 here...

Crick USB switch box

An example of an exclusive OEM design, the USB switch box was designed as an access device for switch users.

The switch box was specified and is manufactured by Advantage Six, and is sold exclusively by Crick Software

Read more about the Crick USB switch box here...

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